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Cláudio Ramos Rosa, percussionist known in the world of music as Crá Rosa, was born in the city of Salvador de Bahia (Brazil).

With a long trajectory in the world of music, he had the opportunity to play and share the stage with great musicians from the Brazilian and European scene such as:

Hindi Zahra, Macaco, Mariene de Castro, Munir Hossn, Ellen Oléria, Margareth Menezes, Roberto Mendes, Sara Pi, Paul Beaubrun, Mario Canonge, Jurandir Santana, Paulinho Lêmos,

Mû Mbana, Mario Rossi, David Pastor, Nacho Mañó, Stay Homas among others. He is currently the percussionist of Macaco.


From the age of 15, he was part of various groups with different musical genres until he became part of Arrastao da Timbalada (project created by Carlinhos Brown), where he expanded his musical knowledge having the opportunity to participate for two years in this project and participate in the recording of the film Rhythms of the World by the American group Stomp with this same project.


He’s the creator of the Bahian Tribal Percussion style (Percusión Tribal Baiana) and has given workshops in a great number of countries, teaching his methodology and rhythms.


Recently he collaborated in the recording of the album Made in Nordeste by the musician Munir Hossin, in the last album of Macaco (Civilizado como los Animales), he has produced and recorded the song “No bio de um Anum” by the Brazilian singer Chico César and the musician Mû Mbana from Guinea Bissau and has recorded the song “Tudo Bem” from the album “Agua” by Stay Homas.

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